BOC Yearbook Introduction

The BOC Yearbook is published annually, and online versions are available (see links on this Menu item).

Two versions are given here, the first being a page-by-page version and this will be updated monthly. It also includes extra pages on culture etc. plus details of which trade will be at each show in the Diary of Events. The number of pages does not match the printed version.

You can right click on the yearbook to save the pdf file to your computer, tablet or smart phone.

The Online Web version of the Yearbook is updated regularly. Please send in any new additions to the Editor, Chris Barker (email details below).

The second version is printable, and corresponds to the printed copies distributed to BOC Member organizations. This does not contain all the extras found in the page-by-page version. It should include critical changes in the Diary of Events and Contact Pages but can never be as full as the page-by-page version.

Printing - To produce a booklet you need to print the pages back-to-back and flip on the short edge. Please note - It will be far cheaper to buy a 50p yearbook that will be on sale at the London Orchid Show in the Spring.

Editor Chris Barker



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