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Membership of The British Orchid Council

Membership is open to any organisation whose aims are consistent with those of Council. Amateur Orchid Societies must demonstrate activity in the culture and study of orchids, and Orchid trade associations must have an active membership of at least five trading members. Member organisations each pay an annual subscription of GBP20 and may appoint 2 representatives as delegates to Council.

Member organisations' details are held in an on-line database. It is the sole responsibility of each Member, through a nominated individual, to keep its own information up-to-date. This may be done only through this web site, under strict password control, thus enabling Members to control fully and securely their own on-line details. The information held comprises freely available "public data" - contact details and meeting information displayed through the website menus, together with entries for the Events Diary - and some limited "private data" restricted to use by Council, again under individual Member password control.

The database's public data, available on this web site through the links, is used in compiling the BOC Yearbook.

Member organisations may update the database from the Database link shown in the Home menu, and there is also a list of Members in the Services menu. All queries concerning the database should be addresssed to the Database Manager . . .

Ian Parsons, 11 Garstons Close, Wrington, Bristol BS40 5QT
Tel. 01934 862095