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The Photographic Competition Gallery Slide Show.

The Slide Show loads in a new window. To end the Slide Show, just click on a slide.

The pictures may take a while to load into the Slide Show, but after the first iteration, it should run at its full speed.

All pictures are shown in full (no cropping or cutting at the bottom of a picture), and the screen size for a picture is set at a default of 700 pixels. This means that on high resolution screens, the picture does not fill the screen. You may reset the size of the display area below. Pictures will be rescaled to fit so that the maximum width or height does not exceed the setting. The aspect ratio remains constant with rescaling. The display time for each picture can be reset using the options shown below. Times are in seconds; the default is 4 seconds.

The browser screen can be enlarged so that the slides fill more or less of the screen by using the Control key in conjunction with “+” and “-” (Ctrl,Shift,+) and (Ctrl,-) to resize. Use expand and squeeze on mobile devices.

(Auto fit reduces picture to width of window)

Masdevallia Angel Frost
Photo by Chris Barker.