The British Orchid Council
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Congresses Working Group.

Congresses are normally held every 18 months or so, and form one of the pinnacles of the British orchid calendar. Successive Congresses are hosted and organised on behalf of BOC by a different member Society or a group of member Societies for each Congress - and therefore held in a different part of the country.

Each Congress comprises a three-day Orchid Show and lecture programme (the first day is primarily for staging) drawing exhibitors, speakers and visitors from around the world. It may also act as a host to meetings of various specialist groups.

All plants in the Show are judged for BOC awards, by teams of qualified judges drawn from the BOC Judges list accompanied by visiting judges from overseas. Additionally, the RHS Orchid Committee may meet to consider plants for RHS awards.

Currently there is no permanent Working Group.

Unfortunately there is no planned Congress due to the cononavirus pandemic.