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Stanhopea Emily Bush by Chris Barker,
from the BOC Photographic Competition, 2015.

Welcome to the British Orchid Council Website.

The British Orchid Council (BOC), Registered Charity No. 1002945, was founded in 1971 to represent organisations nationwide with any interest or involvement in promoting orchid cultivation or conservation.

Member organisations nominate Delegates who elect a small Executive Committee to act as Trustees and ensure that day to day matters are dealt with in accordance with the written Constitution. Special interest Working Groups are formed that come together at Delegate meetings offering ideas which stimulate discussion to ensure BOC activities are always relevant to developments in the orchid world.

In fulfilment of its Charitable status the BOC provides a wide range of services both to member organisations and to the general public. Key services include maintaining internationally recognised training and judging accreditation, and representation at national and international committee level.

Further information about the BOC and its activities can be found under "About Us".

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BOC Photo Competition 2020

Due to the Corona Virus the Photo Competition
for 2020 has been changed.

Instead of the usual Society-based system
where each society enters pictures
on behalf of its members, for 2020 the entries
can be made by individuals directly by email.

Each person, who is a member of a society,
may enter up to two photos
by emailing them as attachments to

along with a description of each photo
plus the name of the person and their society.

Entries must be made on or before 31st December 2020.

Judging will take place between
1st January and 31st January 2021,
and results will be posted shortly after.

Further details can be found
in the November 2020 Bulletin.